Webs, nets, films and multifunctional products


Extensive range in various polymers and melting range

A variety of polymers such as copolyamide, copolyester, polyurethane, polyethylene, eva, polypropylene, terpolymer and options – structures, shapes, rolls dimensions, weight – enable us to offer the appropriate solution for your specific bonding need, from 65°C (149°F) to 190°C (374°F) glue line.

Select the product type


Thermoadhesive WEB with or without backing

Best compromise of weight, softness and performance

  • available in weights as light as 3 grams per square meter (0,13 oz/yds²)
  • used in many industrial applications
  • rought surface enables good bonding and thermoforming
  • easy to unroll and process, no air entrapment during lamination
  • maintains the sofness and flexilbility of light substrates
  • available in bi-layer (bi-component) form
  • all webs can be directly coated on your material, up to 1950 mm (77″)


range of thermoadhesive NET patterns

Recommended for open, permeable or flexible applications

  • 7 patterns available with variing degrees of opening
  • more bonding strength than a web or film of equal weight due to adhesive thickness
  • regular and consistent distribution of adhesive across the surface of your substrates
  • increased flexibility and breathability of the laminate compared to webs and films


Thermoadhesive FILM with or without backing or slit (perforated) option

Recommended for applications requiring
economical, full surface bonding

  • adhesive distributed evenly across the surface of your substrates
  • wide range of weights and widths, up to 3000 mm (118″)
  • available in bi-layer (bi-component) form
  • most films can be slit (perforated), up 2500 mm (98″)

Multifunctional Products

Multifunctional products can have up to 5 coextruded layers into a single film

Recommended for applications requiring
adhesive plus added functionality

  • Combine the performance and functionalities of different polymers and/or structures.
  • Up to five layers may be coextruded into a single film to build functions such as adhesive, air/liquid barrier, opacity, light diffusion, fire retardant, etc.
  • Adhesive layers may be the same or different polymers.
  • Many polymer combinations are possible.
  • Microporous membrane may be combined with an adhesive web.