Processing plastic decorated films

This process overview shows different ways to coat Protechnic monolayer and multilayer decorative and protective films in industrial applications.

Films can be laminated to thermoplastics substrates or other materials such as:

ABS, PVC, HIPS, PMMA (acrylic ), PC, PET, PE, PP ( & other PO), composite, wood, MDF, metal, . . .

Select the process area


Inline sheet extrusion

1- In-line extrusion:  film bonds directly on the extruded substrate at the exit of the die; no glue is needed. Laminated sheets can be vacuum/thermo formed, depending on processed materials.

Off-line Wrapping

2- Off-line Wrapping: with glue onto various material, resins, metal, wood. . .

In-line transfer

3- In-line transfer: printed either onto PET backing film or onto your own backing material. Can be offered with UV, water and light resistance option.

HPL press

4- HPL press: our film is laminated into the press to give a better outdoor resistance. Our printed design offers a very good U.V. and light resistance.


extrusion profile inline lamination

1- Extrusion INLINE: no glue needed.

2- Onto profile: after die, or onto Siding, after flat die, before calibration.

3- Off LINE Profile: wrapping with glue onto various material, resins, metal, wood.


Profile wrapping
3D parts immersion

1- Vacuum forming
of thermoplastics materials, after in-line lamination or after off-line Wrapping.

2- Membrane press or 3D heat wrapping: with suitable glue onto all kind of materials in 3D (…).

3- Immersion:  all kinds of materials in 3D (injected, molded, deep-drawn…).