Your global business partner

Protechnic Skicorp India

Your global business partner

Protechnic-SKICORP Pvt.Ltd is a joint venture between Protechnic and leading India conglomerate SKICORP. It was formed in 2019 to help industry in Asia to get access to world’s best hotmelt adhesive and other industries solutions.

Two partners. One dream.

Protechnic – SKICORP is built up to achieve a shared dream, of helping reputed clients in Asia region to get premium products with superior quality and customized service by a team of industry champions.

The company combines Protechnic’s rich experience and SKICORP technical innovation, agility and system-driven approach – A synergy that makes all the difference.

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Our high-performing products

From automotive, shoe, garment, textile to electronic parts, the presence of our products is behind the success of hundreds of innovative ideas.

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Hotmelt adhesive powder | Powder composite 


Advanced composite

Textile-Dry LAMINATION-technical textile adhesive

Customized applications

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We’re your partner in growth !

From technical know-hows to selecting a best-fit product, we work hand-in-hand with you to make sure you have the right thermo-adhesives to solve your bonding challenge.

The edge you gain partnering with Protechnic-SKICORP.

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Customized solutions

Our adhesive experts discuss your bonding challenges and brings in customized solutions that best-fit your needs.

Best ROI

We offer our cutting-edge products at a highly competitive budget. Clubbing it with near zero waste gets you best ROI.

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