Adhesive solutions in roll form

PROTECHNIC THERMOPLAST offer advanced adhesive solutions to meet your challenging lamination requirements. We are the only producer in the world mastering 3 different technologies: hotmelt webs, films and nets. Whether you need improved performance, added functionality, streamlined production or reduced costs, Protechnic’s wide product range will help you achieve your goals.

Our dedicated salesforce and technical team will support you all along your project.

Your Partner for innovation

Partnering closely with our customers, leads us to constant R&D innovation and best, most competitive thermobonding solutions for your lamination process.

How to Use

Effective production

Assistance in defining the specifications of your project.
Expert guidance in identifying the right dry adhesive solution.


Efficient thermoadhesives for multiple industrial areas

  • building and domestic textiles,
  • automotive aircraft and transportation
  • garment, lingerie and shoes
  • technical textiles
  • specific applications


Optimal adhesive solutions in roll form

A unique range of net, web and film products to provide you with a complete, clean, solvent free and cost effective solution.

adhesive solution


A wide range of polymers, structures, dimensions and performance characteristics offering the optimal adhesive solution to meet all your technical requirement.


Clean and efficient to use solvent free adhesives.
No wasteful setup process required:1 meter of adhesive = 1 meter of laminate.
Most of the products emitting no VOC’s.

Cost Effective

High performance polymers reducing cost by using lower adhesive weight.
Shortened development cycles.
Small scale trials easily duplicated in production.


The optimal adhesive solution preserving the look, feel and flexibility of your substrates.