Hotmelt adhesive Web

Soft, flexible and clean

Most versatile hotmelt adhesive

Web adhesive combines softness and bonding strength for an optimum result. It could reach high performance by using lightweight material. Its versatile properties have been a good choice in the automotive, transport, and sportswear industries.

  • Lightweight, it can reach 4g per square meter
  • Consistent high quality across the roll
  • Easy to unroll, no air entrapment during the lamination process
  • Consistent in terms of quality across the roll
  • Heat resistant
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hotmelt adhesive sample

R&D - Quality Control VOC

Low VOC Adhesive Web

VOC means Volatile organic compounds, which are emitted from solids or liquids. From research, some chemical materials may have short or long term effects on human health and environment. In automotive industry, more and more OEM and manufactures search for low VOC.

  • Bio based material
  • Low VOC
  • plasticizer resistant
  • Fire retardant

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