Expertise center

Innovation is our DNA

Focusing on innovation, qualiafication and solutions, Protechnic pro’app offers technical support and tailored services on roll goods at the Expertise center.

What is Expertise Center?

50 years of know-how in technical solutions enable « Expertise Center » to accompany you in each step from your project development to industrial application for realization.

Your project development partner

Expertise Center builds up the link between project development to industrial application realization.

The variety of activities enables Protechnic pro’app Expertise Center to provide long-term programs or to solve short-term complicated issues with its analysis teams.

  • Analyze & Characterization
  • Application sample trials
  • Industrialization
  • Tailored service ( converting – cutting, slitting, winding and unwinding)
Technical support

Typical journey at the Expertise Center

Protechnic Expertise center dry lamination support

You can use our Expertise center for project development. We are equipped with flatbed lamination machines, sample stock, and testing devices.

Protechnic pro’app Expertise Center continuously enhances its testing facilities and laboratory equipment and demonstrates the willingness to support our customer’s requirements. Highly skilled researchers, experts, and technicians are working with us to guarantee quality.

41 Avenue Montaigne
68700 CERNAY – France
+33(0)389 356