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Our activities

We are a world-leading manufacturer in hot melt adhesive bonding, decorative film printing, combined functionality, converting plus application technology, and sustainable industrial solutions.


Hot melt adhesive solution
Extrusion of hot melt adhesive Web, Film, Net, Hybrid for dry lamination in automotive, shoe, garment, construction, leather goods, and filtration applications.



Decorative film printing
Rotogravure and digitally printed plastic films used in decorative and protective applications for flooring, sanitary, interior furniture, and building.

pro'comp Protechnic


Composition of added functionality
pro’comp combines products and technologies to provide added functionalities, like anti-virus, filtration ( PP meltbown ), barrier, breathability, appearance, reinforcement, etc.



Applications and technologies converting
Technical support and customizing roll goods by cutting, slitting, winding, coating, laminating on application technology for dry lamination and plastic decoration in our experience center.



Moving to a sustainable world
pro’green is our voluntary approach to build a sustainable world. Internally, “our label”, proves our commitment to our green challenges. We develop VOC free, recyclable, Bio-based, Oeko-Tex and recycle based products and more.

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Hot melt adhesive, decorative film, PP meltblown, composition of added value and functionality, sustainable material

    Markets we work for

    Our products can be seen in various industries. hotmelt adhesive is widely used in automotive, shoe, garment, filtration, and construction fields to provide good bonding performance between two substrates. Decorative film is applied in interior decoration or building to give different design effects. PP melt blown can have a filter function, which is used in medical and sanitary applications.

    About us

    Innovation and service with technical expertise

    Founded by a textile group in 1969, the company is privately owned and led by its management since 1983. Protechnic maintains continuous innovation culture both within the company and through partnerships with customers and suppliers.

    Very attached to our values, we claim through our independence our willingness to ensure premium products and service. We are eager to provide expertise, technical support, and customized solutions.


    Closer to you: Europe, Asia, North and South America

    Located in Eastern France, close to the Swiss and German borders, giving us a natural international openness. With more than 15 languages spoken in the company, you can be sure that your need will be well-identified.
    Through our international sales and service team, we ensure proximity service for your developments and provide worldwide operational assistance all along with your project.

    Our management

    With more than 30 years of experience and diversity of knowledge, our leadership team guides the company towards Industry, Innovation, and International. We have long-term relationship with our clients.
    Leading a dynamic team, we embrace different cultural perspectives and ideas. We are eager to think ahead and take the challenge.
    Our goal is to help our customers to add their product value by sustainably providing tailored solutions.

    Emmanuel Roll

    Emmanuel Roll


    Jean Marc Eberhardt

    Jean Marc Eberhardt

    Executive Manager

    Pascal Strub

    Pascal Strub

    Industrial Director


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