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PROTECHNIC Eco-friendly Materials (Shanghai) Co., Ltd was created in 2015, with more than 6 year’s development and experience, Protechnic brand has got a good reputation in the Chinese market with our premium products quality and service. Our goal is to provide local service, stock, and technical support.

Your local service

protechnic shanghai-保洛提克环保材料有限公司

Lamination and technical support

Web or film adhesive lamination is also called dry lamination, it is cleaner and more eco-friendly to the environment comparing flame lamination.

In the dry lamination process, different layers can be laminated through a lamination machine and other heating machines. Protechnic Shanghai is equipped with a flatbed lamination machine, we could help you to do different lamination trails and massive production support if needed.


Stock and local team service

Protechnic thermoadhesive products are made in France with high quality and good performance. Since 2015, the installation of our Stock in Shanghai reduces significantly the delivery time for customers in China and Asia countries.

We focus on finding bonding solutions for customer’s new project development. We could also propose you various composite solutions according to your project’s needs.

PROTECHNIC Eco-friendly Materials (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. 保洛提克环保材料(上海)有限公司

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