Good bonding, cost effective

Hotmelt Film

Good bonding, cost effective

Engineering film

Hot melt adhesive film can ensure full surface bonding. Protechnic develops high-performance adhesive film for high bonding requirement applications. We have a big range of materials from low melt to high melt with different functionalities, such as stretch and high washing resistance.

  • Chemical resistant
  • High peeling strength
  • Good resistance to hydrolysis
  • Slit version

thermoadhesive films
slit thermoadhesive film
thermoadhesive films with barrier
multilayer thermoadhesive film

Multi-layer functions

Multi-layer hotmelt adhesive film combines various functionalities of different polymers, up to 5 layers can be coextruded into a single film. It can build functions such as adhesive, air/liquid barrier, opacity, light diffusion, and fire retardant.

  • Adapted to bond two different substrates
  • Multi-functional products, barrier available
  • Adapted to the different lamination processes
  • Many polymer combinations are possible
probond-two layers film-barrier film with glue

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