A brief explanation of PA Polyamide hotmelt web adhesive


Web adhesive?

A hotmelt adhesive web is a nonwoven fabric with bonding capabilities. It is produced on a roll with a certain width and roll length. It can be applied through a lamination machine with a continuous process. Web rolls could also be cut into a specific form for piece-to-piece lamination. It exists different weight options depending on bonding requirements.

Polyamide hot-melt material and melting point options?

Polyamide adhesive is sometimes referred to as PA adhesive. Depending on polymer structure, it can either be thermoplastic or thermoset. In the case of hot melt adhesive, it belongs to the thermoplastic family. PA hot-melt web is made from Polyamide material. When the material gets heated, it could be activated starting to have an adhesion characteristic. When the temperature goes down, the material will become solid again. From low melt to high melt product range, it varies from 90 to 200 degrees.

Other functionalities?

Apart from that, PA hot melt adhesive has some other advantages, for example, it has excellent chemical resistance. For bonding function, Polyamide web adhesive is quite versatile and compatible with many materials.

Materials to bond with and for which market?

As a world-leading web adhesive producer based in France, Protechnic develop a wide range of Copolyamide Web products with advanced functions. Because of its versatile features, PA Thermoplastic adhesive web is most combined with soft roll goods in the automotive, garment, shoe, and composite applications. It shows good bonding on fabrics, technical textiles, leather, artificial leather, and foam substrate.

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