What you need to know about adhesive web width, weight, and roll length.


What you need to know about adhesive web width, weight, and roll length.

Hotmelt adhesive web can be categorized from different raw materials, for specification,  it can be produced in different widths, weights, and lengths.


In general, for industrial applications, the normal width is from 1300mm to 1800mm. The most commonly used is 1500mm and 1600mm. Because of the production technology process, there will be some extra fiber on the edge, so there are trimmed and untrimmed versions.

In garment applications, hot melt adhesive tape is used a lot, the width of tape can be customized to the customer needs. The minimal width we could provide is 50mm.


For adhesive Web weight, the standard weight is 8g, 12g, 16g, 20g, 25g, 30g, 35g, 50g 60g, which means the weight per square meter. Of course, this can also be customized. Generally speaking, the more weight adhesive has been used, the stronger bonding results it can achieve, at the same time, the price will be higher. With the lighter adhesive, the material will be more soft and flexible.

Roll length

In terms of roll length, it is related to weight. For example, weight under 20g, standard roll length can be 500ml or 1000ml, from 20g to 25g, the standard length can be 500ml. The more weighted of web per squatter meter, the shorter length of each roll will be.

Protechnic’s goal is to provide customers the most tailored solution. We have our hotmelt web with a standard width, weight, and roll length, however, we can always provide specific product width, weight, and length according to the customer’s request.

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