Why do we choose more sustainable hotmelt adhesive?


Working on more sustainable hotmelt adhesives.

We are living in a world that people are more aware of our planet and our future. We are proud to say, Protechnic, we are part of it. Our R&D department keeps searching for more sustainable and Eco-friendly adhesive materials. We have already succeeded to use some bio-based material. Today, we are even more driven to work in this direction.

Adhesive Web, film, and Net play an important bonding role in different industries. Even if our goods are so little in total composite, we may not see it. However, it makes the big difference on lamination and bonding process. It helps to reduce consumption of energy, production waste, and even labor cost.

We are more dedicated to provide sustainable solutions to our customers, on bonding and laminating processes. We are motivated to improve our environmental impact to make our plant more green, clean and safe.

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