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It’s really easy to bond it, in 2 steps only!


Why you should use hotmelt adhesive tape for hemming ?

  • To replace the sewing process
  • To make the process easier
  • To reinforce the finishing, and upgrade the quality


Step 1 : Preparation


  • Make sure your fabric / garment is pre-washed to avoid the narrowing of the hem.
  • Cut the length of hotmelt adhesive tape you need.


Why customer choose interior design furniture with decorative film?


Looking for trended style

Everybody wants their living space to be well designed which reflects their own taste and identity. That’s is why, when people search for interior goods, furniture with decor is preferred as it gives an aesthetic feeling.


Natural pattern or design

Natural pattern decor like wood, stone can make the home look more elegant and comfortable. It could give people the impression that the living place is bigger that it is.


INDEX™ is a world leading event about non-wovens.

Protechnic is going to attend INDEX™ Geneva 2021. It will take place on 19 to 22 October 2021.

You can find our booth at number : 4109




Working on more sustainable hotmelt adhesives.

We are living in a world where people are more aware of our planet and our future. We are proud to say, Protechnic, we are part of it. Our R&D department keeps searching for more sustainable and Eco-friendly adhesive materials. We have already succeeded to use some bio-based material. Today, we are even more driven to work in this direction.


Definition of hotmelt adhesive in roll

Hotmelt adhesive is also called thermoplastic adhesive. With different technology and process, it can be manufactured in a roll with different forms, such as Web, Film, Net, and Hybrid.


What is trimmed hotmelt adhesive product, and how to measure it?

A trimmed product means that the edge has been cut. There are two systems that can be applied: circular blade cutting or unwinding cutting. Circular blade cutting can make the edge very straight. However unwinding cutting, the material border is straight, when it get re-winded, the edge is not exactly neat.


How to measure trimmed products?


Klebendes Vlies ?

Ein Hotmeltvlies ist ein Vliesstoff mit Bindungsfähigkeiten.

Es wird auf einer Rolle mit einer bestimmten Breite und Rollenlänge hergestellt. Es kann durch eine Laminiermaschine mit einem kontinuierlichen Verfahren aufgetragen werden. Vliesrollen könnten auch in eine spezielle Form für die stückweise Laminierung geschnitten werden. Es gibt verschiedene Gewichtsoptionen je nach Verklebungsanforderung.Polyamide hotmelt adheswive web thermoadhesive


What is a headliner?

Headliners are made of composite fabrics, a combination of different materials with different functionalities. The composite parts are adhered to the roof of the car and help to improve the interior appeal as well as provide an element of insulation against heat and noise.

A typical headliner consists of multiple layers: a face side, a rigid core in the center, and a backing. The different layers consist of a multitude of materials such as knit or non-woven fabric, rigid foam, reinforcement material, etc. Liquid and dry adhesives (film, web, net) are then used to bond the different layers together in order to enhance the headliner’s unique shape and contours.

Functions of headliners

The multi-layered headliners bring together various functionalities:

  • better look and comfort through soft touch
  • stiffness of the roof
  • absorption of excess noise from the outside
  • insulation against heat and cold, regulation of internal temperature
  • improved acoustics for audio systems

Special requirements for headliner lamination

Compared to other interior parts of the car, headliners are much more likely to deviate from their original position due to their weight. The headliner can delaminate and eventually fall off after a period of poor handling or lack of care. This not only leads to a degradation of aesthetic value and comfort but also to declined safety and insulation of the car.

To ensure the headliner’s durability, the right choice of adhesive is very important. Heat, humidity, and time can significantly degrade the bonding strength of the adhesive and the different layers become less resistant and brittle.

Notably hot melt adhesives for dry lamination offer a good and clean alternative compared to liquid adhesives. Between the different layers, the Thermo adhesive can serve as barrier film and bonding, especially in the wet process, and they can be directly applied in the dry process for both the face and core sides.

Hot melt adhesives not only provide an efficient bonding and backing, but also an eco-friendly, sustainable and low VOC solution for headlining.

Do you want to know more about hot melt adhesives for automotive applications? Then have a look at our Protechnic adhesive products Link or contact our expert team for more information.



Hotmelt adhesive is also called thermoadhesive or thermoplastic adhesive. It can be manufactured and produced in different forms, such as granule, powder, stick, web, film, net on a roll.

Thermoplastic hot melt adhesive on a roll can combine various materials, like foam, textile, and leather, aluminum, which can be applied in automotive, garment, shoes, leather, and cosmetic and filtration applications with a clean lamination process.

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